Croissant Shaped Object Spotted Above The Sea In Malta


Strange images seemingly show a croissant shaped UFO over Malta Island. Some UFO enthusiasts suggest the area is a UFO hotspot as sea surrounds it on all sides and often has sunny, clear skies.

The unique images show the usual beautiful view of blue skies, but with a bizarre object hovering in the air. Reportedly taken in Marsaskala region of Malta, these photos appear to show a brown, croissant looking object above the sea.

An eyewitness said that he used to be taking pictures of the view and the weird item appeared in three photographs then he started to notice it for 15 minutes before it disappeared into thin air. It was a sunny day, according to the witness.


The image was allegedly taken in October 2016 but has been shared only recently for an unknown reason.

Some UFO enthusiasts theorized that alien bases mostly located below the ocean because it covers about 75 percent of Earth’s surface, which is largely unwatched since only a few humans explore below the sea.

However, critics rebuffed UFO claims saying that it was just a snail or a cocktail sausage wrapped in bacon.

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  1. Here is a reverse speech that Bitch pulled out of facial reverse speech and posted the 13th of March at APFN.The title of the post was:

    Damned Us Vicious. My God We’re Being Destroyed, Oh My God We’re
    Being Destroyed.”

    This from a national news video report:

    “I simp you Malta. ”

    What might that indicate combined with the croissant “MARKING” by our extraterrestrial elders above Malta?

    Did our genocidal nuclear war fighting elite have a meeting the other day on Malta?

    Making decisions of how they will finish out the people of the United States of America by turning war loose here?

  2. The critics are right. I’m absolutely convinced it’s a cocktail sausage wrapped in bacon. I see them all the time where I live. Actually, I might know this particular one. I think its name is Greg. I think its Greg, because he told me recently he’s planning on going to Malta. I love Malta too. It’s a great place. Greg! Are you reading this? Great pic, man. Oh, and maybe you can snatch a photo of an UFO for me? I’ve heard there’s lots of them down there. Cheers!

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