UFO Hunter Plans To Find Alien Base Entrance In A Hill Near The Nellis U.S. Airforce Base


A YouTuber who caught UFOs in the video coming out of a hillside nearby his home nearly every night has hit back critics saying they are just car headlights.

Steve Baron of YouTube channel UFOs In THE USA firmly believes that he was recording extraterrestrial activity in the Blue Diamond Hills, which is close to the Nellis U.S. Airforce base in Nevada.

However, skeptics have suggested the so-called UFOs were just headlights of vehicles coming down the hillside.

Willing to prove critics wrong, Barone showed himself in a video climbing the remote hillside in a bid to show that no vehicles drive on it. He also visited the area to see if he could discover a secret entrance to the base.

Watch the UFO videos filmed by Steve Baron here.

In a video he uploaded to YouTube, he says that riding any motorized vehicles is strictly not allowed in the area and a huge fine is imposed to violators.  He further explains that the land on the small mountain is under BLM control and very close to National Conservation area.

Mr. Barone also revealed that he, together with his wife and dog, attempted to climb the area to prove the soil was undisturbed, but they found out that everything is fenced or blocked off.

He has been keeping an eye in the area using his video camera for three years and already got several videos on his YouTube channel. He believes his videos show alien UFOs or top secret U.S. space vehicles floating over the Nellis Air Force Base.

The base is known in UFO community as a secret facility for the remains of crashed flying saucers and dead aliens just like top secret Area 51 in the Nevada desert. Some conspiracy theorists claim that visiting extraterrestrial beings have been allowed to use the bases to keep them from public eyes.

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  1. Take some still and video during daylight hours of the same area. Use to compare and obtain better location of “lights” as they first appear and when the vanish.
    Are you using a tripod ?
    What lens are you using and what are camera settings ?

  2. Might our extraterrestrial family be “MARKING” the Blue Diamond hills?

    If so what might there be there that we should investigate?

    Could there be an entrance to the underground that our nuclear war fighting crowd are slipping in to?

    As we are being perished in a multiple of wars directed by the investors on Wall Street are we not aware the plan all along has been to die us off in any way possible?

    Now that they have missed us with their nuclear blast force but are succeeding with their brimstone nuclear waste force might there be a steady stream of them slipping into the mountains to sit out our nuclear waste die? Could that be what our extraterrestrial elders are “MARKING”, an entrance into the underground?

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