Black Smoke Ring In The Sky Left Russians Puzzled


The alien invasion has come to the minds of terrified residents after seeing a mysterious black circle hovering in the sky.

A video of the unusual sighting made the rounds online as it shows a black circle hanging calmly in the sky.

The shocked people on the ground call out to each other in disbelief as the bizarre smoky ring continues to float before finally vanishing into grey clouds.

The footage was recorded in Novosibirsk in Russia over the Siberian Mall shopping centre. It went viral after it was made available in social media.

Some think that the event is a kind of creepy warning. Others believe that it is a kind of supernatural power flying across the Russian city. There are also people who think that aliens are coming to get humans.

However, one witness suggests that that the mysterious circle or smoke ring is nothing but a soliton. They explain that black hydrocarbon with the vortex comprising a ring and lifting it into the air.

Weather experts didn’t have an explanation yet but lashed out alien-related claims as well as the soliton theory.

Renad Yagudin of the Siberian Hydrometeorological Centre said that there’s no such definition of soliton in meteorology, so it is not a meteorological event.

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  1. I believe these are insect swarms. I’ve seen quite a few videos of this phenomenon in the past few years… Some claim it’s just insects. Scott C Waring obviously calls it interdimensional space portal aliëns.

  2. “MARKING?”

    Might our extraterrestrial family be trying to send us a message? Have we not seen those sorts of rings after a missile has been launched? Sure, that’s what a missile donut ring looks like.

    Might our elders be trying to tell us that a missile was launched at that neighborhood in Russia?

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