Massive Shadow Passing The ISS In NASA Video


Conspiracy theorists have claimed that an alien mothership was recorded on video flying past NASA’s International Space Station.

The footage shows a black nothingness and part of the space station. Moments later, the dark part of the scene starts to get lighter for no apparent reason, except for a circular object flying past the station.

As the shadow is lifted, the dark outlook continues to get lighter and lighter.

In a caption of a YouTube video that made the rounds online, the uploader says that he is not certain whether the mysterious massive thing is a mothership or some kind of an alien spacecraft. However, he seems to be so sure that it does not look something usual.

The video was posted to the video-sharing site on Saturday, March 19. The uploader notes the shadow is coming across the picture as the UFO moves across.

Some viewers believe the video shows evidence of alien life, saying that the UFO is an ET mothership. Others are skeptical, suggesting that the so-called mothership is just the filter in the camera moving out of the screen. There are also who think that the anomaly is simply the sun’s light coming around.

One viewer believes a large unknown object is completely obscuring the background.

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  1. And what might we surmise is the meta-transiliatory message to us from our extraterrestrial elders?

    A shadow passing by the space station. “Shadow?”

    Might we think of the “shadow” government that is still trying to exterminate us with the last of their usable nuclear weapons, their nuclear power plants that are poisoning our air, food, and water?

    When we think about Brimstone nuclear waste making us sterile and giving us cancer, might we now think about the “shadow” that is behind it all?.

    Might it not be long since past time to “Get Smart” and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

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