Mysterious Black Disk Hovering Above Mexico Enthralls UFO Followers


An amateur video sent conspiracy theorists into a frenzy after seeing a mysterious disk in it hovering above Mexico.

According to the witness, he was driving a car in the city of Morella when he saw the UFO, which has left Ufologists abuzz. A 40-second clip was posted to YouTube by Carlos Arriola, who said he had also seen the strange thing.

The strange black sphere in the video appears to hover in the sky and travel in one direction at a slow speed and then changes direction.

Some UFO enthusiasts believe the video shows an alien spacecraft so clearly. They described the aerial thing in question as a dark disk moving slowly above a busy road in Morelia, Mexico.

The person who took the video was driving the car while recording the UFO on video. Many UFO followers were impressed with the smooth movement of the unknown aerial thing while making no sound over the city. They said that seeing a close up a real UFO is a rare opportunity to savour.

The strange craft has since captivated the local area. It reportedly made an appearance on March 27.

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  1. “MARKING?” Could there be some boom booms planted nearby? If we connect the dots might we see how gently our extraterrestrial family has been helping us to perceive what the merchants have been planning to do to us with their tens of thousands of great balls of fire?

    Might a prayer of thanks to Father for sparing us from blast nuclear war not be in order? Thank you.

  2. well it’s shaped like an umbrella, but clearly it’s not. i think a mylar balloon would just tumble around and be blown away, not stay smooth-flowing like this. are there drones that look like this now? i just don’t know.

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