Square UFO Puzzles Witness In Philadelphia


An unnamed witness in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania claimed to have watched and photographed a slow moving square object flying overhead.

The witness was at the corner of Allegheny, and Kensington in the city at 8 am on 3rd of April 2017 waiting for the bus, according to MUFON report, Case 82950 of the network’s witness reporting database.

The witness described the morning as lovely. Upon looking at the sky and clouds, they noticed a black object quite high in the sky while facing north/northwest. They first thought it was debris hovering on the air currents, but later realized that it was moving slowly from east to west.

The witness described the object as dark black having a shape of a wide diamond or a square on a corner. The object did not appear to reflect light, according to the witness, but they noticed a light flashing around four times in ten minutes.

The witness got the attention of a young woman to ask a second opinion, the report stated. The woman was also waiting for the bus and answered to the witness that she also saw the same thing in the sky. The reporting witness asked the woman if she could consider it as a helicopter, and she answered no.

The reporting witness tried to get some photos using his phone, but they did not show much as the object was so high up and apparently quite distant.

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  1. Elders MARKING something in Philadelphia that we should check out?

    Maybe a boom boom planted in a sewer somewhere there?

    If we connect some dots might we not see the picture that reveals nuclear weapons were created to be used on us?

    Are we not yet perceiving that our elders have saved us from our nuclear war fighting crowd?

    Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty for sending His angels into spare us from a well planned and lavishly funded extermination?

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