Mystery Shape Discovered In Antarctica On Google Maps

Several conspiracy theorists have been claiming Antarctic has been the place of secret alien bases. Now, they claim to have seen proof of an alien base on Smyley Island through Google Maps. The island is located off the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.

A 500-metre-long object was found near the Antarctic, and conspiracy theorists said that it could be an underwater alien base.

For many years, theories on secret bases in the Antarctic have been circulating. One theory claimed that Nazis maintained secret bases in the area that they used to study captured UFOs during World War 2.


UFO enthusiasts describe the object as a large body of ice.

Some people believe it is just an iceberg, but UFO researchers argue that the strange shape could not be a mere iceberg as the mysterious object does not fit with the shapes of the iceberg. They explain that iceberg could be tabular or non-tabular and the object cannot be classified with either shape.

Several others said that the object is a vessel trying to disguise as an iceberg.

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  1. Given the technology that They have. This could be a UFO in disguise.Then again,it could be a diffrent shape of iceburg. Always Keep an Open Mind. Especially when it comes,to Mother Nature.

  2. Look at the edge of the iceberg on the right and then look at the left edge of iceberg that supposedly broke off. One looks jagged and straight and the other looks smooth and not jagged. Who’s to say what is and what is not. Keep an open mind, and for peeks sake, we are not alone. No way, no how can we claim superiority of the universe.

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