Watch – Alleged Colour-Changing Spaceship Over Southern California


An incredible colour changing UFO was caught on video. The strange diamond shape object apparently flew in the night sky above San Fernando Valley in California, U.S.A.

The clip was reportedly shot two weeks ago and posted on popular video-sharing site YouTube. It shows the strange object moving jerkily in the sky while flashing pink, blue, and green colours.

Some alien enthusiasts believe that the spacecraft in the latest video has been seen previously not once, but many times in different locations across the world.

They say that the UFO is a rotating six-sided diamond-shaped spacecraft. The unknown object reportedly stays in place for an hour before it leaves fast.

Many UFO researchers wonder what kind of species uses the extraordinary craft and what kind of intel they are collecting.

Others are not convinced of the video saying how come someone considered it a UFO when it is easy to fabricate such video. They point out that the video shows nothing but some kind of light in the dark background. They further suggest the possibility that the light is not even in the sky, but somewhere else in the dark with the changing colour light on.

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