Credible Source Says Extraterrestrial Prevented The Nuclear Detonation Test In Space

Nuclear UFOs

Colonel Ross Dedrickson was working as inventory maintenance of the nuclear weapons stockpile for the US Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) in the 1950s. He was also responsible for assisting security teams monitoring the safety of the arms and among many other duties.

His obituary states that he was assigned to the AEC between 1950-1958. His responsibilities included administration at Nevada test sites, nuclear weapon manufacturing and quality assurance in Albuquerque, management of Pacific Nuclear Test Area in the west of Hawaii, and inspection of facilities across the country both nuclear and non-nuclear. He was put to the 5th Air Force in Japan and later served as a ranking Colonel. He then served as an officer in charge of the Pacific Unified Command in Hawaii. He was transferred to the 832 Air Division at Canon Air Force Base in Clovis, New Mexico and served as deputy. In 1964, he retired from the USAF.

His verified professional background has made him one of the credible whistleblowers from the military. His testimony involving UFOs and nuclear weapons can now be corroborated with information and evidence within the public domain.

Dedrickson explains how the U.S. government attempted to detonate a nuclear weapon on the moon.  The plan that was called Project A119 wanted to investigate the capability of weapons in space and get insight on the detonation of nuclear devices within the space environment.

However, Dedrickson revealed that space aliens destroyed a couple of nuclear weapons sent into space. He said that they tried to put a nuclear weapon on the moon and explode it for scientific measurements and other things at the very end of the 70s and the early 80s, but extraterrestrials destroyed the weapon before it reached to the moon.

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