Australian Government Investigates Taxpayer Funding of UFO Group

UFOS Auustralia

An urgent investigation was launched by social services minister in Australia to determine how a UFO group get thousands of dollars in funds from taxpayers. Christian Porter described being in a “beam me up, Scotty” moment after discovering that his department approved nearly 6,000 Australian dollars or around £3,400 of grants for the Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group in the New South Wales central coast since 2013.

Mr Porter said that there’s no doubt they are very nice people, and lots of volunteers are getting something out of it, but it did not seem to pass a common sense test looking it from his perspective, representing taxpayers.

Mr Porter revealed that he asked the department to hold the fund transmission until they could give him a little more information on what the group is all about or what the group does specifically.

The Labour government initially provided the funding to assist with the cost of transporting volunteers with a disability.

According to the official records, the department approved AUD 2,645 in the 2017 volunteer grant program for the UFO group.

Under Labour government, Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group got AUD 2,994 in 2013.

The UFO group’s Facebook has over a thousand followers. According to their Facebook, the group wants to share information on UFO and related topics, support and encourage like-minded people and promote disclosure on UFO.

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