Stormchaser caught a UFO on tape over Stillwater, Oklahoma!


Here’s one really intereting UFO sighting that was broadcasted by Channel 6 News. This happened over Stillwater, Oklahoma in late April 2017.

What’s your opinion about this UFO video? Please leave your comment below!

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  1. could have been a shot put.. or debree from a passing wind.. these photos are never clear.. but if it was a tornado it would be very clear…

  2. Wow really cool, Rick…all you see are 2 somewhat black dots? they are moving and they either have exhaust or a beam of light comming out of it.. did you not see that part?

  3. Having survived being attacked with nuclear missiles to exterminate us might we not want to connect some dots to see the big picture here?

    If our extraterrestrial rescuers can make themselves visible or invisible to us, when they are visible to us might they not be speaking to us about the location where they are seen?

    What is it about the location of sightings?

    Might we think of the long-running plan to blast us out of existence with atomic bombs and radioactive particles?

    If we connect the dots might we not see a picture of nuclear war fighting industrialists that have attacked us with their nuclear weapons and had them taken away from them by our extraterrestrial rescuers?

    Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for having His angels save us from being perished out in a nuclear war?

    • @Patrick Sullivan – I do see that in your heart you are right. But you mixed up your so called ‘knowledge’ with real facts. And come away from the over estimated ‘nuclear war’ cuz it leads you into another ‘parallel way’ of being outside the truth. And – cuz you’ve mentioned that regarding ‘God’ and ‘his Angels’: Have you ever seen the GOD with own eyes? And have you seen in ANY time a real Angel from higher dimensions with own eyes??? Sure you have not. But I have seen – more than one time. And one of the lovely Angels even visited me at home – just in my rooms…… that happened exactly in 1994. So in summary – in contrary to YOU I DO very exactly KNOW of what I speak about…. Give yourself a time in trying to realize of what I spoke about HERE.
      Anyway – a pretty GOOD LUCK to you…… smile ………..

  4. Saw multiple military helicopters flying into the same area in a straight pattern over Perkins Oklahoma where I live. Anyone else see or know anything else about this incident?

  5. Also snapped a rather bad video of two of the helicopters, im not a military buff or anything but they clearly weren’t the usual life flight or news helicopters we see in this area

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