UFO caught on tape just outside Area 51!!


Witness report: Ok, it’s been a while since I uploaded a new video to my channel. I had to do some research of my own in order to find out the truth about this phenomena. I went to area 51 with a couple of fellow UFO enthusiasts. We captured this interesting footage. This object appeared out of nowhere. It started to move faster until it reached an incredible speed. It did not make any sound, no sonic boom. It was only after the video analysis we noticed a second and even a third object in the video. We don’t know what this object was. Like I said it was captured just outside the border of area 51. What could it be? 

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  1. To me, that’s a VERY convincing UFO. No Jiggery-Pokery. It was on a steady course and once speed had picked, it was climbing out a a few K mph. Had it altered course at right angles, there would be no doubt at all it was ‘Alien’.

    It was not possible to tell the height or size of this object, but IF it did come from Area 51, either they really have something from another World or it’s a breakthrough from the Nazi ‘UFO’ from WW11. Impossible to say.

    There MUST be other witnesses to this craft, but it’s certainly not an Aircraft as we know it. It is of course a possibility that we have developed REAL anti-gravity craft, but why was it so bright? This is one reason why Area 51 is so secure. It is said that we MAY share Secret Technology with Alien beings. Well, possibly,. but there’s no reason for the above craft to dim the light as a. it wasn’t possible and b. it can’t be explained anyway so there’s no point! It was climbing out at great speed, so wonder if they will be back? Keep an eye open!

    100,000 light years of Galaxy says to me there MUST be something else, beyond doubt. All it needs is for ONE Planet to be created in the right place (like ours) only one millions years in front, so consider our technological progress in 100 years, then consider they guys a million years before us!!

    Light Travel (or space warp) and possibly interdimensional travel. There’s millions of dimensions hiding!

  2. I could see four objects. Has anybody noticed the fourth one?
    After gaining the speed, the size of the Main object has reduced while that of the others have remained the same(?)

  3. Great video,I noticed there were Three points of light. That were similar to a triangle.These were fixed during I the middle of the video.Did you place that,there on purpose?…. Given the fact,that goverments,Have been working.With aliens of diffrent species.Since WW Two. I have no doubt,that we have the technology.Now to have Our own craft,that work similar to UFO’S.

  4. On the night of May 8 2017. My wife and I were star gazing. It was such a clear night with a three guarter of a full moon. All of the sudden we noticed what looked like it could have been a satellite or maybe even the ISS moving across the sky. Then something happened that I’m pretty sure neither of those things could do. It made a 90° right turn. We were shocked! Then it started to make a complete u turn. Then all the sudden it just stopped moving, but you could still see it kind of hover in a circular motion. It almost felt like it knew we were watching. It was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in Royersford Pennsylvania.

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