Watch – UFO Crossing California Desert Sky


YouTube user Frank Zappa recorded a video of mysterious bright light in the sky for 2 minutes. UFO enthusiasts said that the footage is one of the clearest UFO videos in years. The videographer uploaded the clip to the video sharing site. Frank Zappa is a famous musician but has been dead for ten years, so it appears unlikely that the musician himself posted it.

According to the report, the UFO was flying overhead at 5:20 pm on Wednesday, May 3 in the California Desert. California has the most reported UFO sightings in the U.S. A new book “UFO Sightings Desk Reference,” analyzed over 120,000 reports of UFOs and determined more people in California believed they had come in contact with ET life than anyone else in the nation.

Many believe that the UFO video shows the real thing and not faked in any way. However, some linked the sighting to the nuclear weapons testing in North Korea. In 1950’s, an atomic bomb test done in Nevada also attracted hundreds of alien spacecraft. Some speculate that the reported UFO sighting could be the missile from Vandenberg or even the DPRK.

The book’s co-author Cheryl Costa said they found out that every county in the U.S. had at least one sighting in the past 15 years. Santa Clara County has the most number of sightings at 569 in Northern California. Alameda County in second with 578 reported sightings and San Francisco in third with 327 reports.

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  1. frank zappa died in 1993, which was 24 years ago, not ten like you say. that is a blatant error, and one you should be ashamed of. get your facts right before putting them into print.

  2. Hi,Try,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton, ,filmed,sun.16.aug.2015,with over 900 more!I have hundred’s more to publish!Robert Newton.Britain.

  3. I am not much impressed by the clip. There is no reference point in the film (like a tree or mountain or land). So the movement, size etc cannot be guessed. In more than one occasion the shape looks like a delta plane. There is a shadow like effect behind the object. What could be the reason? Is it only an optical illusion?

  4. This object is very erratic in it’s movements.If this is to draw attention. To the object itself.It definitly has done this. I agree with Uday,as there is no refrence point. But I also know. That at times, this can not be done. (I) think,this is a test object.Possibly,the goverment’s. To see what happens,when put under. Extreme,Fast shifts in movement.To see how it reacts,under these type of conditions.

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