Winston Churchill’s Unpublished Essay On Aliens Revealed


It has been revealed that Winston Churchill had a secret obsession with extraterrestrials and believed there could be life on Venus or Mars.

The interest of Britain’s World War 2 Prime Minister has been revealed after the discovery of his 11-page essay titled “Are We Alone in the Universe?”
The politician known for his cigar-chomping discusses the possibility of life on Mars and Venus in the newly discovered article.

Churchill suggested that Mars and Venus were the only two planets in the Solar System that could conceivably harbor life other than Earth due to their distance from the Sun.

The essay was never published and it remained undiscovered for years as it ended up in the U.S. National Churchill Museum, located in Fulton, Missouri in the 1980s.

The interest about alien life on Mars and Venus remains until today as scientists have been spending their resources to their probe on the two planets. Scientists are also observing Jupiter’s Europa as the possible home of alien life in the Solar System.

Churchill wrote several popular science essays for magazines and newspapers in the 1920s and 30s on topics such as cells and evolution. He is the first prime minister in the history to hire a science adviser.

Churchill’s interest in UFOs could be very evident when he ordered a secret probe into mysterious airships observed in Britain when he was at the Admiralty.

Astrophysicist Mario Livio looked through the newly discovered essay, and he was impressed by Churchill’s understanding of science.

Dr. Livio finds it moving to recall a leader who engaged with science so profoundly at a time when many of today’s politicians shun it.

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