Harvard University Study Reveals Cosmic Light Flashes Could Be From Alien Spaceships


A study has claimed that bursts of super speed cosmic light picked up by astronomers could be from an interstellar UFO spacecraft.

Described as brief flashes of light, the fast radio bursts are believed to be coming from galaxies over a billion light years away. However, scientists have yet to determine the exact source of these cosmic rays.

A Harvard University study introduced a possibility that these brief flashes of light could be from an alien spaceship.

Co-author of the study and Harvard theorist, Avi Loeb, stated that they had not identified a possible source of the fast radio bursts with any confidence yet.
Avi Loeb further said that it is worth contemplating and checking an artificial origin.

Another possible source for the radio bursts could be an alien-made large radio transmitter.

The author of the study, Manasvi Lingam, also of Harvard, as well as Avi, stated that signals like the ones picked up by astronomers could be beamed from a solar-powered transmitter. The transmitter could be used for a feat humanity has yet to discover – interstellar travel.

Because of the speed of the bursts, scientists could only catch a glimpse of it.

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  1. With all of the UFOs that have been sighted.If this is indeed a possible spacecraft. Could it be,that the reason,it’s not coming our way. Is that it’s an observation,and living ouarters. For certain Evolved species,to come and go.To Mother Earth. Studing the materials,they pick up here. Also,giving them a chance,to rest when they go back to this craft. And the Main reason,(Possibly) why this craft doesn’t come our way.Is because of it’s Size. It could be bigger that Mother Earth.? …. I welcome all replys….

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