Mysterious Lights Appear In The Sky During A Massive Blackout In Northern Uruguay


Several residents in Northern Uruguay had experienced a massive outage, including Salto, Constitución, Belén and some parts of Bella Unión as well as Paysandú. However, they were disrupted not just because of the inconvenience of the blackout but also to the presence of several lights in the skies.

Strange lights were seen forming a triangle formation and holding their position longer than an aircraft or a helicopter would do. Adding to the mystery, the lights were dazzling and separated from each other by a vast distance, according to eyewitness’ accounts.

The Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) created a UFO research commission 32 years ago, the first in Latin America. Confirming a UFO needs several factors to be discounted.

The FAU formed an office devoted to investigating UFO phenomenon called the Comisión Receptora e Investigadora de Denuncias de Objetos Voladores No Identificados (CRIDOVNI). The Air Force decided to form such commission after a series of UFO sighting reports during the 1970s.

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