Teen Captures A UFO On Video In The Night Sky Above New Mexico


The student and small business owner Manny Ceniceros believes he captured a UFO in the night sky during a recent ride home.

He told her mother to drive and roll down the window to record the weird looking object. It came to Ceniceros’ mind that it was just a bird, but when he got home and uploaded the video, he found out that it was not a bird or an owl or anything like it.

Ceniceros believes that he captured a UFO, as people might call it. He says that he was not expecting to find anything that time as he just wanted to get footage for his promotional video of his screen-printing business.

Ceniceros recorded the video while his mother was driving near Dos Lagos Golf Course on Monday at around 11 pm in Anthony, N.M. A classic saucer-shaped UFO reportedly appeared about 25 seconds in the video and then quickly disappeared.

Manny’s sister Berenice Ceniceros said that she saw a light flash, but did not focus it because she thought it was one of the lights on the roadside. When they got home, they saw that it was different and it was actually a UFO.

Manny said that he was sceptical about UFOs and sightings, but he is now starting to believe that UFOs might exist.

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  1. Given it was a totally dark sky. When object,came into view. Was the surrounding light.That we see, in video,actuallt there? Or was that placed there,to make it easier to see object?How did the person,filming this. Know where to point the camera.?

  2. I live in Las Cruces NM right next door to Anthony. I have wittiness a UFO in the White Sands Area. I believe he did see this as we have a great deal of sightings in the area! We are not alone!

  3. I believe we are already being visited, but that UFO was probably a brown bat gliding close to the road, where they get updrafts, also for the insects around the streetlights. The look changed as it was changing it’s wing angle to turn, and because the car’s motion & headlights.

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