A UFO Rises Into An Apparent Portal And Disappears


A UFO vanishes into a portal looking thing in the sky in an interesting video that has been viewed more than a million online.

The Facebook page “I’m From Denver” posted the video on the popular social networking website claiming that the unidentified flying object appeared over southern Colorado.

The clip shows a strange cluster of lights forming an odd shape. As the lights rise, a seemingly squared portal opens up in the night sky. They then disappear without a trace.

Many believe that the recording is one of the most compelling footages showing proof of UFO activity. However, several others also think that it is likely faked deliberately using CGI technology.

The video does not say exactly where in Southern Colorado the video was recorded, so it is quite difficult to verify the claim with local authorities whether residents noticed something that looked unusual in the sky and caused alarm. Additionally, no local news media picked up the story even after the video made the rounds online.

However, experts say that it is not possible to prove or disprove the video without knowing more on what and where exactly it is taken because the video is blurry.

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  1. Yeah right! Scotty beam me up!
    Would anyone film this without being excited as they watched it and make some kind of comment? NOT!

  2. Looks Great,But I think it’s Fake.As Amy pointed out.Person doing video,didn’t even have any excitment about what happened!

  3. I’m not saying this is real or fake but I find it odd that people judge it to be fake because it does not fit into what we perceive as normal. Nothing would really look normal to us with alien tech. Everything would fit into the CGI and photoshop world. You have to keep an open mind and see if this shows up somewhere else or more witnesses. I don’t view it as a portal but more of a cloaked space ship with the bottom opening up to let the drone in. Just a possibility.

    • when you see a real ufo, you will know it. the general population can see this is phony. there’s all kinds of flaws around the positioning of the object, and we can all see that. seeing a ufo is not normal, but when you are seeing one, you won’t have that camera, believe me.

  4. believable cgi only. and you ask for donations to keep your site going? why? so you can post fake as hell crap like this? why don’t you become more serious with your postings?

  5. Not bad, a little ‘Hokey”… Why aren’t these guys/gals using their CGI talents to make money, like a JOB!, to make their families proud instead of turning out crap like this to try and fool serious people who truly believe like myself. I actually don’t blame these guys, I blame the website owners for even allowing this to go on. The web owners obviously like to trick us into coming and peek in at their FAKE Crap, and pile up the “CLICKS” to make money regardless of what methods they use to get us here…Time to find a new site.

  6. If technology was so advanced…that it was able to open a portal in the sky and invite you to disappear inside…..I somehow very much doubt it would open up in slow big square pixelated stages. It would be a lot more slick and a hell of a lot more smooth and fast.

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