A Plane Passenger Flying Around Havasu City In Arizona Captures A UFO On Video


A shining bright light had caught the attention of an aeroplane passenger flying on the 5th of July 2017. The witness, who flies weekly, found the strange light from his corner vision while passing the sky above Lake Havasu in Havasu City, Arizona.

He recorded the bizarre aerial thing on video. The witness describes the light as having a non-reflective gold shine. It was apparently moving in a northwesterly direction. The witness estimated that they were moving at around 484 mph ground speed at approximately 29000 in altitude.

Havasu City has its share of UFO sightings as dozens of witnesses reported their bizarre experience throughout the years.

Videos such as this one are often dismissed as a reflection of light from inside the aircraft. However, many argue on this particular video that the strange light does not appear to be a reflection and in fact moving on its own below the aircraft.

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  1. Excellent video,i’m sure the pilots observed this also.But,we know that they probally. Did Not want to report a UFO sighting. It seems to me. That well over 50% of the general population. Know UFOs exist.So Why All of the secrecy STILL! 7/15/2017

  2. @Kevin Carney great point, guess there’s a stigma around Alien UFO believers, people tend to think belief in Aliens means you are a loony so there are many witnesses who refuse to believe or report due to this stigma

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