Shining Disc Caught On Video Flying Around Toronto Harbourfront


A video showing an unknown white shining disk has made the rounds online, particularly among UFO communities. A couple at Toronto’s Harbourfront was in the city to join the celebration of Canada Day.

The video shows an apparent round object with the transparent or dark centre. The object in question appears and disappears many times in the video. It looks like a disk with a cut in the middle that seems like a vinyl record.

The reporting witness said that he and girlfriend were in the area to celebrate Canada Day on Sunday, July 2, 2017. He just reportedly happened to look at the sky and saw the white shining disk. In the background of the video, the boyfriend asks her girlfriend about what she thinks of the disk. The girlfriend first thought it was a kite or a drone, but soon started to realise that it wasn’t.

The couple further noticed the bright shininess of the disk as it moved in a circular motion. The reporting witness said that when the object disappeared in the clouds for good, a black helicopter appeared as if it was following the mysterious object.

Drones have appendages holding the rotors, especially the quad-copter variety. However, the object in the video does not have visible rotors. Balloons are often used during celebrations and fly with the wind, but they won’t disappear and appear like the object in the video.

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  1. Great video,to bad that it was so short. I like that the person,who filmed this.And the young woman,were observant. In realizing that this could be a drone. (Personally) I my thinking,is that it could be Real. Or, given the technology.That the goverment now has.Could this be a Hologram,the way it Fades in and out.?

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