UFO sighting caught on tape over El Paso, Texas


Here’s one interesting daytime footage of a bright lights in the sky above El Paso in Texas. This was filmed on 19th March 2017.

Witness report: Observed several round, reflective spheres ascending in sky. Continued watching them assume a pattern as they moved slowly from my sight. Sunday March 19 2017, while instructing a martial arts class at Eastwood park, El Paso TX, I stopped to drink some water. As I threw my head back to swig from the water bottle I noticed a series of perhaps 6 bright reflective balls, ascending quickly in a row, but curving in a C shaped flight pattern while ascending. They were not floating like balloons but rising rapidly. That caught my attention for sure ! It was midday and I marveled at this sight. From my initial vantage point, it looked like this string of spheres had started low to the ground. Within seconds they had reached an altitude of approx. 3000 ft. I work in army aviation and am fairly confident of the alt. Several of the spheres shot straight up and out of sight the remainder seemed to float aimlessly into a pattern. That’s when I grabbed my iPad and took the video. I clearly filmed what I thought were 3 spheres which had formed a triangular pattern, but in the video I see one or two more . One of my students also witnessed this event, but not from the beginning, only after he saw me run for the iPad and start filming. We both agreed this was high strangeness. The event ended with the spheres gradually moving in an eastern direction out of sight , while still in a triangular pattern. One of the objects appeared to be more reflective than the others. I have ruled out reflective balloons based on the way they flew. And the wind direction seems to have been out of the NE that day. Not sure what these spheres were. I got the feeling they were under controlled flight.

Author (source: MUFON)

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