UFOs Join At Air Show In Washington State


Skyfest this past weekend lured several dozens of people, and at least one of them recorded a video of what he believed a UFO. John Whichelow said that he never captured anything like it ever. The air show at Fairchild AFB involved the Thunderbirds and Whichelow thought he was just recording them at first, but when he watched the video again, he noticed two different UFOs in the frame.

Whichelow said that the UFOs were likely moving incredibly fast as they appeared when the announcer said that those jets were going 500 mph. According to the amateur videographer, some suggested that they could be meteors, birds or bugs close to the camera. However, he does not think it is any of those.

The video shows a mysterious white object passes across the frame before the Thunderbirds pass each other. At around 36 seconds later, a smaller black object appears following behind the ascending Thunderbird.

Whichelow believes what Carl Sagan had stated saying that there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the beach. With stars that many, Whichelow believes many are older than ours and humanity will get to the stars someday. Whichelow further explains that the possibility that someone has gotten here already from the older stars makes a lot of sense.

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  1. Might an extraterrestrial space craft showing up at an Airforce demonstration be a way to send us a message? A Meta transiliatory communication?

    If so what might we guess is the message?

    As the US Airforce has already repeatedly attacked us with nuclear weapons, might that air show have some of the nuclear war fighting perps involved?

    The next attack on us by the nuclear war fighting elements of the US Airforce. Might elders from the universe be trying to tell us what is coming at us to give us a chance to save ourselves?

  2. people not in touch with nature really have no clue how fast birds can dip and dive. that is a bird, looks like a bird, acts like a bird, even in slow motion.

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