UFOs Spotted By News Station in Washington State at Air Show


An alien civilisation is increasing. In the 70 years since the Roswell UFO crash became famous, there is a very long history of allegations and contentions involving the rise of alien phenomena and their government cover-ups. This particular situation opens the idea that some believe it has been purposely hidden from the public. What are UFOs, and what are the reasons behind their existence? Are they alien spacecraft visiting the Earth from another galaxy, or are they from our solar system? Apparently, we can never answer these questions with certainty, but it is still possible to speculate the various kinds of scientific principles that may explain a timely interstellar spaceflight or techniques of interdimensional travel. If you were at Skyfest, the most common question would be whether or not you have seen UFO. While this question drifts others, still at least a single individual is claiming that he did. In fact, he believes that he has the video evidence to support his case.

John Wichelow, the witness, cannot believe that he has captured anything like that. He thought he was just spotting the Thunderbirds designed for the air show at the Fairchild AFB. As soon as he watched the video backwards, he noticed two kinds of strange objects found in the frame. According to him, the object was moving very fast. While some people compare it to the meteors, bugs or birds that are very close to the camera, he still believes that it does not bear any resemblance to those objects enumerated.

The footage shows a clear and white object that is dart from the frame before the passing of Thunderbirds. At 36 seconds later, you will see a small black object following behind the Thunderbird. Of course, we can only describe aliens and explain their technologies regarding our limited skills and knowledge. The reality of UFO phenomenon may be far beyond anything that is imaginable.

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  1. Are our elders from outer space “MARKING” those military fighter planes and pilots to tell us something?

    Are we making a connection between military fighter planes, extraterrestrial spacecraft and nuclear weapons?

    Do the people not yet perceive that we are being perished with high technical weaponry?

    Is it not understood that the plan by our occupier raiders was and still is to smoke us all right on out of here with nuclear blast and now their second choice of brimstone waste?

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