Massive UFO Spotted in Squamish


The advancement of technology today has opened the idea that some alien sightings were the product of some high-tech software. This is exactly the reason why most of the sightings were debunked as a hoax. However, it would be unfair to ignore the sightings if there is a clear and substantial evidence to show. Recently, a massive orb spotted on a footage nearby the Stawamus Chief has enticed a documentary and research crew in London, Ont. Since most enthusiasts know that a massive orb is a prevalent figure as a UFO, what makes this a unique sighting among others?

Marcus McNabb and Rob Freeman have travelled to eleven countries and thirty cities in the past three years. Moreover, both were determined to record the happenings out there. Their hobbies were the result of being inspired by a childhood experience. Freeman is a senior field researcher working for the Centre for a Scientific Study of Atmospheric Anomalies. According to him, the sighting is the best footage they have recorded to date. He further added that among the footage he did in the past, this new one is such a fascinating path and most of the people have no idea what is happening in the world today.

Enticed by the footage, they initially started to make a documentary and McNabb describes the activity as a movement. To gather data, they both used a night imaging technology that is spanning the electromagnetic spectrum to witness both the visible and invisible. On July 22, the crew arrived in Squamish, and a stranger from Britannia Mine gift shop informs them that some extraordinary things are shining on the Chief trail. Later on, they entered into the forest. Soon after, a huge sphere of light was moving across the sky and descended in the woods. The crew first believed the object was an aeroplane, but later on, negates the idea since there is no sound.

Orbs can differ in size, known to blink a white or amber light when zipped off. According to MUFON, an organisation that collects data, the footage was an incredible footage. So far, the clearest orb video for this year.

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