Couple Notice Metallic Blue UFO After Looking Back Over Holiday Snaps


A British couple has released fantastic photos that baffled them much. The pair claims that they captured a UFO moving above the Cape Verde coast.

The two claim they noticed a metallic blue shape UFO on the pictures they snapped during their holiday. They have no idea it was there at the time. They just saw the unidentified flying object when looking back over holiday snaps.

The man describes the scenery at that time as beautiful, so they were taking pictures. When he looked back through their photos after the holiday, he noticed the unusual thing that they cannot identify.

The woman says that she was too busy looking out into the sea when the UFO was caught on their pictures. She adds that they saw no sign of overhead aircraft when the strange event took place. She notes that it was a bright day and if the UFO was there, it must have been swift because she did not notice anything flying in the sky.

The UFO was spotted while the couple were on the island of Sal enjoying the scenery. The object can be likened to a Lockheed SR-71 Jet, which was a Cold War-era jet but retired in the 1990s. According to conspiracy theorists, the supersonic feature of the fastest aircraft in the world was from an alien technology hidden by the American government.

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  1. Not a beetle, the “wings” you’re refering to is a line that seems to pass through the center of object top through to bottom, most likely just some light distortion or some sort

  2. I have been dealing with Insect-UFO pictures for three years now and… yes ! it has all the attributes of an insect quickly passing in front of the camera at a very close distance (nearly the minimum focusing distance). Will see if I can paste here a mosaic of the many Insect-UFOs I collected so far. May be we can name it: UFOenthomology?. Cheers. RL

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