Filmmaker Believes Alien Implant Topic Is Not So Crazy

The subject of alien abduction and the related phenomenon of alien implants often get ridiculed. However, paranormal documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell believes alien implants deserve a serious examination. Many find it hard to swallow the claims that aliens snatched people and return them without their knowledge. In addition to the claims, aliens allegedly put implants inside the abduction victims.

Corbell initially thought that documenting a surgery to remove an alien implant was way outside of his scope of knowledge or interest. It seemed too wild for him to put his mind around. However, Corbell decided to do it after his friends asked him to do so.

One of the main characters in the documentary film is paediatric surgeon Roger Leir, who is also an alien implant specialist.

Incidentally, Leir believed the idea of removing a suspected alien implant was ridiculous, but when he removed the object, he saw something he had not seen before. He started to think that the topic was fascinating. He then removed or help the removal of dozens of objects before passing away in 2014.

Corbell said that Lier died while he was putting together his documentary. However, Corbell revealed that it was not Leir that convinced him the implant phenomenon might be real. According to Corbell, it was the patient that changed his opinion.

Corbell referred the man as patient 17, who he described as an average guy of above average height – six foot nine.

The patient, according to Corbell, is a very down to earth person. Corbell revealed that experts had interpreted the data of the extraordinary object from test results as being made off-world.
He is convinced that this thing is bizarre but admits more testing has to be done.

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  1. True? You Decide.
    (I had an Alien Implant on my left big toe in Spring ’93, my roommate – right big toe Summer ’94.
    R.I.P. Dr. Roger Leir talked to both of us. I refused his offer for free X-Rays. At that time I was scared to the Mth Degree. He showed a collection of photos with implants in the SAME areas that I had witnessed on myself and roommate.) Yes, I believe.

  2. Roger Krevin Leir was an American PODIATRIC not a pediatric. He had bachelor’s degree in Science (1961) and he qualified as a podiatrist in (1964). He was not a surgeon.

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