UFOs filmed over ECETI Ranch in Washington


Numerous UFOs were once again recorded over this famous hotspot in Washington. What do you think about these mysterious objects?

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    • Yeah Joe, easy to see. To add I have seen so many likewise strange objects in the night sky, but was unable to record them due missing the right night view devices, though I’ve taken some videoes with my Ricoh digital camera with 10.8 optical zoom plus tripod over the last months.

  1. Negative!!!! Night lights are exactly what we say they are; Just’ Night Lights; You need a Unexplainable Motive or Without any Doubt!!!! that the videos and Pitures THAT WE TAKE are completely concrete not a possible or butts, maybe’s, You need great clear videos or pictures without any blurry visual noise to shut any and all up about what you have seen or heard for the world to finally beleive the factual evidence because time is running out for the non believers.

    • @Jimmy: What you talk about? You wrote (copy in):
      “…to finally beleive the factual evidence because time is running out for the non believers.”
      To ask you, cheap soul, WHAT has a BELIEF to do with any of REALITY, could you explain here to all the people???
      Sure you can’t, so don’t be so overhasty to publish so stupid lines here, got it?
      And NEVER mix up your own stupidity with the clear realisation of ordinary, but totally INDEPENDEND humans. And shut up with your influenced, brainwashed and even mislead and therefore lost view of the reality, you sheep.
      YOU at least do absolutely know NOTHING about the real REALITY.
      Can YOU live with all this???

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