Unknown lights hovering above Tijuana, Mexico 28-Sep-2017


This new footage of a bright lights was filmed in the sky above Tijuana in Mexico. This happened on 28th September 2017 and It was filmed right off the water just south of the border below Imperial Beach, CA.

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  1. Great video. How many might we wonder would identify those great balls of fire burning in the night sky as nuclear warheads in a controlled burn off?

    Can we not say a prayer of thanks to Papa for sending His angels in to spare us from the nuclear Holocaust that our nuclear war fighting hobbyists planned for us?

  2. Very nice video, showing us those unexplained lights over the sea.What are those lights ? Hard to response, i think nobody can explain about these lights or others sightings all over the world. Muy buen video, mostrándonos esas luces inexplicables sobre el mar. Qué son esas luces ? Difícil responder, pienso que nadie puede explicar sobre estas luces u otros avistamientos que hay en todo el mundo.

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