Amazing UFO footage filmed over Del Mar, California 29-Nov-2017


Check out this interesting footage of a three unknown object making maneuvers over Del Mar in California. This happened on 29th November 2017.

Witness report: Could be balloons, but with strong prejudice. Was very strange. At first I thought it looked like black balloons, and they did kind of move like that in the way that they ascended through the sky together. But there was also something weird about it… All three of them moved indipendintly backward, forward, and around each other. It felt strange.

All balloons I’ve seen in the sky seem to have a direct path and don’t wobble around like these did—but who knows. Just thought it was strange and wanted to send to you for your expertise.

Author (source: MUFON)

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    • true if it were i filming and thinking they were ufos, i’d make sure i stayed on them til my arms fell off. but also, yes, maybe he realized they weren’t, but then why did he submit the video? possibly to get feedback.

  1. Those are ufo’s! I saw just one but too low. Probably just as high as palm tree. In my estimate, it was just as big as the square box of little ceasar’s pizza but as thick as an inflated balloon. I also thought it was a balloon but the behavior and movements are really the one that separates it from thinking its a balloon.

  2. clearly you can tell those are balloons. Look at there movement no U.F.O. moves like that. If they where they would be F.U.I.(flying under the influence) lol.

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