Niece of Abducted Aunt and Uncle by UFO Seeks the Truth

Betty & Barney Hill

Kathleen Marden is a leading abduction and UFO author, researcher, and lecturer. Her undisputable educational background in the world of social sciences has shaped her fascination and interest in ufology. Comprehensive research, study, and investigation in alien abduction have interested her that some abductions are not fictional or mere imagination, but real. She believes that Barney and Betty Hill, both her uncle and aunt have reported their experiences of seeing a strange object while out driving in the rural New Hampshire. A woman whose uncle and aunt were at the centre of the most famous yet controversial alien abduction stories for the past sixty years expresses her beliefs that aliens do exist no matter how authorities or some people debunked alien stories since there is strong evidence from such incident.

Mrs Marden was 13 at that time. However, it was years later that she began researching and studying what took place for a biography of the Hills. With some convincing evidence that is being physically added to the weight of the case as claimed by her aunt and uncle in 1961 – where it includes a pink substance on her Betty’s dress and some strange spot marks on the car’s boots. She calls her relatives as reputable and credible witnesses. The Florida-based writer, for the first time, has spoken to the Examiner at the conference in West Yorkshire. She expresses her beliefs on UFOs and the abduction. She claimed to be unbiased when she undertook the investigation. She analysed her aunt and uncle’s statement when they were on the alien spacecraft. She added that her relatives did not want their stories to go public, and it was only revealed when it was picked up by a reporter for a newspaper due to a breach of confidence.

She made it clear that people need to go out from their comfort zone if they felt uncomfortable with the idea that such UFO abduction exists and further added that she is not trying to convince or persuade anyone who does not believe the existence of aliens. All she wanted to do was to separate fact from fiction since fiction has dominated on the stories of her relatives.

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