Experts Share Their Thoughts On UFO Sighting Reports in 2017


The year 2017 has been an exciting year in search of life beyond Earth. There have been objects appearing near the International Space Station, groundbreaking NASA discoveries, and unidentified flying objects stalking planes in Merseyside.

Many do believe that next year could be a breakthrough year. Former Ministry of Defence employee Nick Pope, who is known for his role of investigating UFO sightings for the British Government, revealed what he thought of a video that allegedly shows a UFO.

Observers think the footage shows an American spy plane encountering a flying object at around 130ft with 20 flashing lights near Cyprus. Nick believes it may be genuine, saying that it is a fascinating footage.

Nick adds that the case is from the MoD’s UFO files. He explains that he did not only work on these real-life X-files, but also the public face of a ten-year project to declassify most of the materials.
He stresses that he is aware of the case even though his predecessors investigated the incident. He believes that it was a genuine unknown.

He says that incidents like this one, where several military witnesses and highly classified investigations were involved, show that the mystery raises essential defence, national security, and air safety issues whatever the truth about UFOs. He further stresses that it is a perfect illustration of how the public and the media were misled.

There have been concerns among UFO community as to whether the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is hiding proof of space alien life from the public. Nick believes clips that are supposed to be the proof of attempted cover-ups have a lot of contributing factors as to whether they are UFOs, but also thinks the space administration has no reason to hide anything.

He says that it is complicated to know the size, distance, and speed of an object in space.

Nick believes UFO hunters misunderstand agencies such as ESA and NASA. He explains that these groups of people want to find aliens, not hide evidence of their existence.

Philip Mantle, who is an active British UFO researcher, partly agrees with Nick saying that people should be doing a better job at capturing UFOs with the technology available these days. Mantle says that out of UFO reports, only under 1% remain unidentified. He explains that the number just shows that genuine UFO sightings are scarce. Therefore the chances of capturing a real UFO is almost, but not quite, impossible.

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