UFOs caught on tape over Liberty, Arizona 11-Dec-2017


These two UFOs were filmed in the sky above Liberty in Arizona on 11th December 2017.

Witness report: 2, Orange gold yellow silver flickering, stationary lights, out of the ordinary
I seen two stationary lights that were orange, gold, yellow, silver, White, flickering and stationary lights that slowly disappeared, the right one before the other. I was traveling westbound on Northern Boulevard heading towards 303 when I noticed the lights. When I gotten on the 303 the lights continued to stay at the same height, they did not move left or right either. I shot some video of the lights because it was out of the ordinary for there is a lot of air traffic around the Phoenix area. I had exited Route 303 at Glendale Boulevard in pulled over to shoot the video. As I was shooting the video, the right light slowly disappeared and then the left about 30 seconds later.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. Big thanks for your video, which obviously show some ‘unidentified’ objects so to say.
    regarding You you talk all about this with loud and convincing voice – for to make it more ‘real’ and ‘important’ – just by your own voice.
    Yeah, seems to be a bit extraordinary – the whole video taped story.
    But (as always there is a ‘but’) I want to ask you and all the people:
    If there took such an extraordinary incident place, so clear to see, but with NO any remarks of so called ‘observation powers’ = military observation, then the question should be asked:
    – were the surveillance powers just in sleep – or –
    – how can it be for a human to be able to film such a special event with no any examination afterwards?
    The whole story shown here, it looked in some way typical, but also fake, due to a simple fact: NO any military force did ever took pace nor replied onto this.
    They never have agreed to this incidence
    nor to have rejected it.
    Reason for: They just have had no knowledge of this.
    So what here?
    Filming so bright lights just over a big city – this stinks for betrayal.
    But it is to YOU – the meaningless cheap souls to believe to ‘judge’ it, even when you do not know the meaning of ‘judgement’ because your blinding, influenced and brainwashed ‘perception’ – which is no longer valid for you – cuz you are perfectly brainwashed and therefore show a behaviour as a stupid sheep, likewise as robots – remote controlled idiots.
    No any truth you show, no any honesty, and that is so far away from your ancient roots. Now you are alone, have lost all your (precious) roots to remain now as lousy empty ‘intelligent’ souls – with no aim, no target, no love and NO future.
    But stop to complain,
    because it was YOUR OWN choice – so SHUT UP.
    All your given chances – you just ignored.
    Now – to look into YOUR destinies – after you refused your own responsibilities, what will reamin as ‘something’ of your own, in the meaning of a ‘true and honest living being’ – as I see your so stupid and overflous question???
    There remain only shadows – in the view and comparison of the former honourable ancient people.
    You ask for NOW?
    Yeah, you are not more than lousy shadows, influenced by ‘modern media’, to be now ‘another’ being, but never yourself.
    Idiots, addictive to the smart phones – as if they would be a ‘new’ reality’ but can not be farther be away from that.
    People who really ‘believe’ into governemnts LIES, but constantly REJECT reports of TRUTH.
    So – the slaves take the LIES as REAL, but DENY the TRUTH itself.
    And THAT you call FUTURE?´- and to add ‘The MODERN FUTURE’ including the all surveillance devices which you can see at almost every corner?????
    And THAT you call ‘safety’ and ‘progress’???
    If the sheep themselves CALLS for even MORE surveillance due to their own weaknesss????
    And is it THIS you want to tell to me, you stupid sheep, REALLY???

    Sure you will going down because denying truth – YOUR poor choice.
    Have not seen, have not grasped, have not felt, have only ignored all.
    WRITE to me here, you empty shadows, and I will tell you the truth in more detail…….
    Meanwhile glue your thumbs onto the ‘reply’ button – as you do not know what you are doing at all……
    This is my nickname here: LOVEINDIMS
    See you………………
    And BE STRONG, I tell you……………!!!!

    • Ummm my thoughts exactly. By the time I finished reading the entire comment I had to get up off my comfy couch and shake my mindless brains. That sound you heard was the marbles rolling around. 🙂

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