Security Guard Captures UFO Video Near China-Russia Border


Mysterious UFO hovering in the sky has surprised a security guard at remote border train station. In a video that was released, a dome-shaped object can be seen only for a few seconds before disappearing into the dark sky apparently over the border between China and Russia.

The security guard spotted a strange UFO moving in the sky at a remote train station.

The bizarre footage was recorded between China-Russia border. It shows a dome-shaped object for only a few seconds before vanishing in the night sky.

The unnamed guard was the only one on duty at the train station in Dayangqi Railway, located in north-eastern China.

On the border with southern Russia, the small town usually quiet at night. When the mysterious object came into view, it stood out and caught the attention of the guard.

According to the report of the guard, he saw something flashing in the distance at about 8:10 in the evening.

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