Another Footage Shows An Encounter Between U.S. Military and A UFO


A mysterious object moving over the Atlantic Ocean was caught on video. The newly released footage apparently shows a U.S. Navy encounter with a UFO.

An infrared camera aboard an F/A-18 fighter jet moving at 25,000 feet reportedly captured the 35-second clip in 2015.

An alleged pilot appears surprised with what they are encountering after the sensor locks-on to the fast moving UFO.

The weapons system operator also saw the same thing.

To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences released the video online. It is claimed to be a private scientific research company. The organization did not mention how the footage was obtained, but it was reportedly available through a Freedom of Information request to the DoD.

Two similar videos were released to the public in December 2017 when Pentagon acknowledged the $22 million program from 2008 to 2012 that investigated UFOs.

The pair of videos allegedly showed an encounter between U.S. Navy fighter jets and a white, oval-shaped flying object in 2004 off the coast of San Diego. One of the pilots in the incident was retired Commander David Fravor, who told CNN that he observed what looked like a 40-foot-long Tic Tac maneuvering and changing direction rapidly.

In October 2017, radar caught a strange flying object. Pilots flying along a commercial route in broad daylight over Oregon also saw the bizarre aerial thing. Fighter jets were dispatched to see what was going on, but they found nothing.

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  1. The video literally shows nothing but a camera moving back and forth across the ocean like fr what in the actually f4ck does that prove ?

  2. You need to hear the audio of the pilots that are trying to chase the object. One pilot is using his weapons system to track the object, and they are commenting on the speed it is traveling. Will defiantly make you think.

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