Apparent Alien Ships Seemingly Make Ski Lift Out Of Control, Leaving Two People Severely Injured


A pair of UFOs appeared to have visited the Gudauri ski resort in the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia.

A pair of lights was captured by a live feed camera looking up a slope. They suddenly made an appearance out of nowhere over the ski resort. The live feed also shows several people pointing to the strange bright aerial objects.

The unidentified objects appear so strange that it can be assumed it was not a natural sky phenomenon. Adding to the mystery is that the ski lift went out of control the moment the bright objects appeared.

The ski lift started to run backwards without apparent reasons at high speed. Skiers had to jump to safety, but many others failed to get off safely, felling out of the chairlift and flying through the air.

Ten people suffered injuries after the ski lift went out of control and two of them have been seriously injured, including a pregnant woman.

Many believe that the malfunction has been caused by the UFO-like bright lights over the ski area.

Three videos of the incident were posted online.

The first one shows the moment the UFOs appear over the ski resort. The second and third videos show the terrifying moments the ski lift goes out of control and people flying through the air.

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  1. this is a reflection of the sun in the cameras lens. as you can verify by the degree of shade in the trees and other objects. nothing here. just an optical illusion.

  2. The two videos are from different resorts.
    Look at the background. I wonder what kind of pathetic feeling people get from faking these vids.
    And for those publishing them.
    It’s a sick greedy world.

  3. That is a common photographic phenomenon called lens flare: stray light hitting the lens. The ski lift malfunction is a mechanical problem.

  4. how stupid both places are different. the first video is sped up to make it look like the reflecting sun on the camera looks like a ufo appearing. you can see the people skiing and the lift moving at high speed. i swear this site is so bad now that it will put anything on to capture gullible people. i used to be happy to put my real name on because i thought i was speaking to an audience that is intelligent and have also seen ufos TRULY like i have. i though this site was an authentic ufo video-sharing site. it has degraded into a worthless, comedic video place. see ya.

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