Glowing UFO Caught On Live Internet Cam Flying Around Colima Volcano


Many people have been observing the Colima live cam in hopes to record UFOs themselves. YouTube user Tenshi Mex recorded the latest UFO sighting that many consider one of the best around Colima.

The UFO seems coming from below the ground through a passage in the lower centre of the volcano that is not visible to the public. It appears to hover a little bit as it moves from the side of the volcano. It then makes a sudden 180-degree turn moving over and passing the volcano’s mouth.

Many believe that it is one of the best evidence of the existence of UFOs and that the governments of the world should acknowledge it.

Colima has been considered to be a UFO hotspot with an alien base below its surface. Many UFO enthusiasts believe that the latest UFO sighting video around the volcano is just one of much indisputable evidence.

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