Michigan: “Orbs of bright light in woods behind house. Observed them almost every night for last 2 months”


Something strange is happening almost every night in the US state of Michigan.

Witness report: Bright lights in woods behind house. Couple of nights later they were back and this time I had binoculars and wife who also witnessed them. I have included neighbors into my discovery and they are now believers. Also observed objects in sky unlike orbs with flashing green, red, white like a disco ball and other lights that follow us outside as if they are observing us. 

Source: MUFON

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  1. Then why didn’t he and his neighbours (with pitchforks and lanterns of course)go and investigate and get better pictures?

  2. Car headlights, they can appear higher than they are, refraction or something similar, sounds like a line from a cover up, but other ufo hunters and sceptics alike have recreated this repeatedly. Still cool

  3. people stop filming with your iphones. i don’t care how good they are. and anyways if you’ve seen them several nights, the second night you should’ve had a real camera.

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