Former Senate Majority Leader Wants A Key Senator To Push For More UFO Research

Harry Reid, former Senate Majority Leader, is lobbying his former colleagues to conduct more studies on unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The Nevada Democrat said the information that they have indicates there is a need to do more to study UFOs. Reid revealed that they have hundreds of people who have witnessed a similar thing, involving something in the sky that moves a certain way.

Reid said they found in the past that pilots were prone not to report when they see something strange because of fear that the bosses will think something is wrong with them, which could significantly affect their promotion.

Reid thinks that these pilots need a place to be able to report something strange, such as UFO sightings. He is keen to work on this with somebody who is an influential member of Congress. He is also planning to sit down and talk to some of these pilots through his contacts with members of the Congress.

The New York Times reported in December 2017 on Pentagon program to study the sightings of unidentified flying objects that came about because of Reid’s advocacy when he was serving the Senate.

Reid said that they spent a significant amount of money on the critical study. To get the money for the project, he lobbied the leaders of the Senate Appropriation’s Defense Subcommittee. Late Senator Ted Stevens was entirely on board because of a UFO he sighted during his time as a military pilot. However, Reid stated that the Pentagon hadn’t done enough since then.

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  1. It would seem that the classification system for alien encounters and U.F.O.’s has not kept pace with modern technology and innovations. Secrecy was meant to limit adverse public reaction to a possible threat to our national security, or the men and women that coordinate clandestine assessments. I believe that the vast majority of people are interested in a more objective and literal approach as to what these extraterrestrial phenomenon represent. The human race is ready to evolve in social development in the collective unconscious that these alien beings can help to define. If the awareness of other intelligent life in the universe can change from apprehension to expectation, then the barriers will begin to fall in the advancement of knowledge itself. The human race is ready. The only question that remains is how this information is classified and disseminated by the government to the optimum that is possible. The reaction to the War of the Worlds radio broadcast that generated so much panic was the association of extraterrestrial intervention in the human race as one of subjugating humanity. This served to interpret the phenomenon as being one of domination, as contrasted to the advancement of collective consciousness. This conflict terrified people instead of permitting an observation of the public reaction to this emerging knowledge by the military of other intelligent life in the universe: The military inadvertently declared a subversive intention that was associated in actuality to an elevation in consciousness. The more knowledge that we accrue permits a greater degree of the population to have a more literal understanding of the reason for alien visitation: The fear of the unknown is replaced with a unique dialogue that we are just currently coming to understand. These alien beings are benevolent, and the updated system of classified information disclosure about them is the only way to effect social change. Imagine trillions of souls praying for the human race: We most certainly are not alone in the universe.

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