Ryan Sprague – Roswell: Mysteries Decoded

Roswell alien

Open Minds UFO Radio: Ryan Sprague is a UFO journalist, podcaster, and author. He is also a professional playwright and screenwriter. He was a frequent contributor to Open Minds Magazine, and has participated as a staff member or speaker at several International UFO Congress events. Ryan hosts the podcast Somewhere in the Skies and Rogue Planet’s Unknown. Ryan’s latest project was co-hosting CW’s Roswell: Mysteries Decoded. Alejandro also appeared in the show and served as a consulting producer. In this episode, we talk about the production of the CW’s Roswell special, what was left out, and our thoughts on how the production came out. We also discuss the Roswell case and the mysteries surrounding the most famous alleged crash landing of an alien spacecraft.

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  1. Ryan Sprague Roswell mysteries decoded is a frozen frame without sound, attention is needed. Although interest in UFO sightings is at a low, we UFO enthusiasts/activists are still out there.

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