Twitter Photo of A NASA Astronaut From ISS Sparks Claims Of UFO Monitoring Space Station

A former NASA astronaut posted a photo from the ISS that seemed to show a UFO. The picture sent conspiracy theorists into a frenzy.

Scott Kelly commanded the International Space Station (ISS) on Expedition 26,45 and 46. While he launched in Soyuz TMA-16M on March 27, 2015, he detailed his journey on social media, providing regular updates.

However, he appeared to snap a photo on board the ISS a small, white object in the top right. Mr Kelly tweeted a picture of India from outer space on November 15. At first glance, the photo shows merely Southern India lit up during the night. However, some space enthusiasts were quick to notice the UFO in the top right of the picture that looked out of place.

They said that Scott did a great shot of a UFO, but many others quickly debunked the UFO theories. Debunkers noted that the UFO was actually part of the space station. They explained that the High Definition Earth-Viewing System was mounted on the outside of the European Space Agency’s Columbus module and it resembled the same shape to that in the photo.

However, many others suggested that it was a UFO and these debunkers were just finding ways to cover up the truth or commissioned by NASA to drive away the public to the fact on the existence of aliens and UFOs monitoring the ISS.

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