UFO Sighting Video Shows a Bright UFO Splitting into Two

A strange video has shown a UFO splitting into two separate flying objects allegedly over the East China Sea. The eyewitness said she felt joy and happiness at the sight that caused her to burst into tears.

The clip was reportedly recorded around 6:20 pm on Monday near Shurijo, Japan from the top of a mountain.

From the peak of the mountain, Lotus Raelian observed the mysterious object hovering for some 10 minutes before decided to record it on video. The footage starts with the sight of a singular bright flying in the far distance above the East China Sea.

Seconds later, the brightness of the light dims and seems to separate into two lights.

The two faintly lit objects slowly move further apart as the schoolgirl is heard starting to cry.

The girl said she had a strong feeling to go to the top of a Shurijo mountain located just beside their school.

Then she saw something hovering in the sky that was as bright as a star. The strange object was still there after around 10 minutes, according to the witness.

After that moment, she said that the bright star began to move and shine blue and red colors.

Then she took out her phone and began to record a video as the bright star started to move and become two parts.

The witness said that she was so surprised and cried with joy and happiness of seeing a flying machine first hand.

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  1. The video imaging is of semi-poor quality.

    Considering this is the woman’s first experience in seeing a (UFO) and in her excitement, brought her to tears, I think she did a fine job!

    Don’t worry Madam, once you get accustomed to these “strange things happening to you”,
    it does get easier. I promise, in thirty or forty years, you will be a real pro!

    In the future, try to keep the camera steady and the object centered in the frame if possible.

    Some moving around is expected: to give us viewers some perspective of the surrounding area (to establish the size of the object and its location in the area your filming)

    ps all in all, a good first try! Remember; practice makes perfect, to those who believe!

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