UFO Sighting Video Over Amsterdam

A mysterious UFO above Amsterdam triggered a lot of speculations online about space alien craft sightings and even dark angels.

A strange aerial event was recently observed in the skies above the Dutch capital just as a tornado wreak havoc across the city centre last week.

YouTube channel Mavi777 uploaded the video online showing what seems to be a glowing UFO in the sky close to the top of the swirling column. The footage was reportedly recorded on August 10 as stated in the caption, but the integrity of it could not be immediately confirmed.

The unusual event shown in the clip led several social media users to suspect a possible appearance of a UFO with some of them claiming that these objects and the plasma orb lights are dark angels or the fallen ones that cauterise and kill animals for genetic parts and suck all the blood out as a sacrifice.

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  1. Just a something strange looking ‘part’ crossing. Maybe a ballon or a blimp.
    And Amy is back with her never ending ‘for sure comments’.

  2. Amy, this is definitely not a plasma ball
    or more commonly known as ball lightning.

    I was in Lynville Tennessee returning from a road trip in a semi-tractor trailer (around 3am). I went to the truck yard, that was situated in the hills, on a back country road. I dropped my tractor off and jumped in my Jeep Lareado (she was topless).

    I was around three miles from the shop on the winding back road approaching a sharp curve; when I noticed what appeared to be a blown transformer on fire, lighting up a neighbor’s barn.

    When I pulled into the driveway and exited the jeep, I was baffled at how bright red (florescent and glowing) the whole area was. My black leather jacket and Jeep were both glowing red.

    I began to suspect some sort of a fire, perhaps electrical in nature. So I ran towards the house to make contact with the farmer.
    As I got closer to the object (an Orb), I noticed it was away from the structures and was not attached to a light pole, it was hoovering stationary. It was not a burning transformer. The “plasma ball” (as Amy calls it) was at the same hight as the peak of the barn.

    I was amazed at how red the Orb was and I kept looking at my black leather jacket and at my hands. I was glowing florescent red.

    It was emitting what can only be described as bolts of static electricity (in circular pattern), around the ball of light, in every direction; (Similar to the path a bolt of lightning would travel; only many hundreds of them simultaneously).
    The center of the ball appeared as molten medal.

    I was on a dead run, towards what I thought was an electrical fire but I only managed to get within two hundred feet of it.

    Confused, I stopped what I thought was a safe distance from the red bolts of electricity being emitted like static charges from the object.

    Those bolts of electricity only traveled ten feet from it, the light however lit an area the size of an NFL football field.
    I stopped running and cautiously approached this (plasma ball or ball lightning) when I became nauseated and began vomiting violently.

    A terrible feeling of dread came over me; now, in full retreat, I staggered back to my vehicle. The entire area (the house, barn, driveway and the woods) were glowing florescent red. It was shocking to me that this entire area was lit up by this bizarre looking UFO.

    I climed up into my Lareado and drove off; sadly unable to make contact with the farmer.
    On my way home I continued to vomit violently. I pulled over a half a dozen times before I made it home to my travel trailor. By this time it was day break.

    I’ve never felt so sick in my life. The exposed areas of my skin, my face and hands appeared to have severe sun burn.

    Oddly enough, I never felt any direct heat from this orb that was about the size of an NBA basketball. Was this an example of Cold Fusion perhaps?

    I some how made it home, crawled into my bed and passed out. This can only be described as severe dehydration and complete exhaustion. Was this acute radiation sickness?

    I woke up (what I thought was the next afternoon) to some friends and neighbors from work pounding on my door! They said:
    “Whats wrong, you look like death!” “Where have you been for the past three days?” Three days I exclaimed! I’ve been out three days?

    They were wondering if I had quit my job. I missed my dedicated run that I worked really hard to get. Three days had passed? That was shocking to me!

    It took me another three days before I could hold any fluid or food down; I had also lost a considerable amount of weight.

    Finally, I felt good enough to stand upright, eat, drink and talk intelligently again. Surprisingly, my coworkers believed my story after I explained it to them ten times.

    I took my friends to the farm where it had happened to talk to the owner but it was vacant.
    There was no power poll near the barn or an active electric account on that farm.

    Amy, I can assure in this picture there is not a “plasma ball” or “ball lightning.” That entire area would be lit up like Nicola Tesla reading a book during an experiment.
    Was this “ball” of intense electrical discharge some kind of a weapon?

    It can put a human being in top physical condition down for one week
    with the total loss of three days time.

    ps Amy if you have the occasion to whitness an orb of neon red static electrical charges; turn around and run for your life.
    Even if you think the neighbors’ barn or electrical transformer is on fire.

    This was the first time I had ever seen or even herd of anything like it until that night.
    I hope to God Almighty I never run into one ever again. Just thinking of it is making me feel sick to my stomach.

  3. I’m just not impressed at all with this picture or article. For once, the barely living soul has it right.

    There was a children’s party near by and they released two balloons that were tied together that read “look at me, I was expelled from a birth canal two years ago”

    Quite an accomplishment to be celebrated for sure!

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