Alien Festivals in Nevada Towns Get Final Approval


Strict guidelines have been approved by a rural Nevada county on Tuesday for a pair of festivals scheduled to take place later this month in a famous desolate desert area.

Participants of an internet event dubbed “Storm Area 51” originally planned to raid the military installation that has been the focus of extraterrestrial conspiracy theories. Event organizers, however, changed it and planned to hold a pair of festivals instead in the nearby military installation.

The Lincoln County guidelines involve a music festival for around 5,000 people in Hiko and another 10,000 people camping in Rachel for an event in the town nearest to Area 51.

Event organizers said the desert is a nearly three-hour drive from Las Vegas and for the participants to survive there needs to be food, water, and entertainment. Cellphone service is expected to be overwhelmed.

Producer of the Hiko musical event Harris and Keith Wright assured that they have planned carefully and do not want people to trespass on Area 51. Wright said security staff, trash bins, food, water, and toilets would all be tucked in. They presented aerial photos of the site on Tuesday and said they would announce performers in coming days.

Commissioner Bevan Lister said about the plans for the September 20-22 events that people have to be respectful and everyone will have a good time.

Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee and County Commissioner Varlin Higbee said people would be arrested if they approached the gates of Area 51. Lee said that more than 150 law enforcement officers would be available during the duration of the events. He added that Nevada Guard units would also be available for logistical help. Guns and illegal drugs are strictly not allowed in the festivals.

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