Former US Marine Says Wide Spread Sightings of Cigar-Shaped UFOs Across the World Are Not Military

An ex-US Marine suggests the cigar-shaped UFOs that have been observed across the country in recent months could be something beyond a secret military programme.

Such strange UFOs first came to light back in June when a YouTube user observed an unusual light over California’s Mojave Desert. They often appear long, thin and shaped like a cigar or snake.

Soon, several UFO enthusiasts went to the internet to show their videos of the strange aerial objects from one being seen in Wyoming during a meteor shower to another in New York that seemingly moving like it was alive.

Nick Karnaze, a former US Marine Corps soldier who served as an Intel Officer in Afghanistan, has now revealed that the objects have been observed across the Earth.

Nick travelled around the globe recently along with other investigators to collect proof of their theory that aliens have been in contact with Earth.

Nick said that people are usually assuming that those types of objects could be a potentially classified government programme and that they are restricted to certain areas. However, they have reports from different parts of the world of witnesses seeing similar objects.

For Nick, it indicates something potentially beyond a secret programme because the military community would only test those classified programmes in certain areas.

He added that deploying that kind of technology should be with extra caution on where it should take place.

He further explained that deploying it to a random country outside any present threat to the US or any open war zones would be very unusual.

When asked what he thought these mysterious objects could be, Nick said he could only classify them as unidentified flying object (UFO) or unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP).

He added that it allows imaginations of everyone to run wild with what these odd objects could be when ruling out classified military programs.

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  1. I tried to take a video on 8/22/19 in IA as I watched the exact thing as in that picture dart in the sky out of no where and then zip and zag fast and erratic up and down like using a etch a sketch kids board turning both dials at once up and down. So fast that I couldnt make any sense of it and then I felt very odd and actually got rather nervous about what might be happening that we don’t know about. The videos didn’t turn out at all like what I watched as I was driving. My lens is gone off on the back of my phone camera but you can still see the disapating black streak of both times it appeared.

    • @Peter John Weinrauch
      September 7, 2019 at 5:31 am
      Did my comment get bounced?

      Fairey tale tellers like you must not ask any stupid questions here, because there is a big difference in your lousy ego-minded lines and the reality…….
      have you got it, cheap soul?

  2. The point is:
    NO any snake-looking helix makes any sense to be something like an extraterrestrial flying object.
    Why? Because it is far from being something like a ‘space-ship’.
    There are some rules to build a real space-ship.
    This sausage-like stupid ‘something’ can’t be a space-ship at all – because it wouldn’t make any sense even for very advanced beings to build such a stupid ‘shape’………
    It is at you to count one on one, but you have forgotten how to do this.

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