Snake-Like UFO Appears Over Italy After Former American Marine Says Similar Sightings Are Worldwide

A snake-like UFO was spotted over a town in Italy just a few days after a former US Marine claimed such UFOs had been spotted across the globe.

The strange aerial objects have been observed multiple times over the past few months across the US.

Some suggested they could be military in nature, but ex-Marine Nick Karnaze ruled it out recently.

He claimed that similar sightings had been reported in different parts of the world, which ruled out the UFOs being part of a classified military programme.

Just days after his claim, a mysterious object has been recorded on video over the Italian city of Ravenna.

The footage shows a bright light with what seems to be a tail following behind as it circles in the air.

Witnesses can be heard in the background gasping in shock at the strange sight.

YouTube username M89_GAMER posted it online on August 30.

One commenter wrote in the comment section that it was a UFO in their opinion.

Another one suggested that it was a rocket, a crazy plane, or a star.

Some said the sight was just a kite.

However, the uploader reacted to those claims saying it was not fake.

The uploader explained that several people in Ravenna had seen the same thing and no one has understood what it was.

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