NASA Apollo 15 Camera Caught A UFO In Moon Crater

The newly-published YouTube video of NASA’s Apollo 15 Moon mission has attracted wide attention of UFO enthusiasts. Aside from the astronauts roaming around the moon’s surface, something so strange has been observed by curious viewers.

The shaky camera caught what many UFO pundits consider to be an alien spaceship parked in the background of the American astronauts rambling on the surface of the moon.

Meanwhile, some commentators are disappointed with the video quality as it difficult to verify the authenticity of the footage.

However, many others have remained convinced that there’s something visible on the Moon horizon. They believe the video seems to show a white-colored, alien spacecraft in the distance.

Apollo 15 was the fourth to land on the Moon and the 9th human-crewed mission in Apollo program of NASA. It was the first mission with a greater focus on science and had a more extended stay on the Moon than earlier landings. It also saw the first utilization of the Lunar Roving Vehicle.

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  1. I don’t know why no one ever notices this but in these clips of UFO’s the earth isn’t moving. The ufo’s are but the earth isn’t. People say, well it is moving but appears still because blah blah blah. The earth is not moving, specifically at 2 minutes 11 seconds. I constantly see “clips” from nasa and the earth isn’t moving and when I point that out the entire room goes *crickets*. Every time.

  2. The same reason you don’t see the earth moving is the same reason you dont feel the earth moving. It’s so you don’t get dizzy is why. C’mon! What’s wrong with you? It’s moving at a slow enough rate to where you cant see it or feel it. Think about it….24hrs. One rotation. Smh.

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