Mysterious Black Ring Appears Over Moscow

A black ring-shaped UFO has appeared in the sky above Russia, causing wild claims that a space portal to another dimension has formed.

The exciting footage was shot in Moscow where multiple locals shared photos of what they described as a mysterious alien-like circle.

Conspiracy theorists, meanwhile, sensationally called it as a portal to another world, which the space aliens forgot to close and hide in an invisible mode.

The UFO sighting still sparked speculation as to what has caused the ring-shaped UFO to appear if not aliens.

The clip shows the black ring floating aimlessly in the sky.

The size of the ring becomes more evident when the cameraman zooms in.

After being uploaded online, many viewers provided their take as to what the object could have been.

Some say it was a flock of birds, but others argued that birds don’t fly in such circles and not moving enough.

Several others suggested it might be smoke, but the ring stayed in place despite relatively strong winds.

There were also suggestions the mysterious ring was a trace from a military aircraft that had been made with an explosion or gone through the sound barrier, which had left only a black circle.

One viewer suggested it was like a portal to another world.

Yuri Senkin, a UFO specialist from the Academy of Informatics and Applied Ufology, said that there’s no obvious explanation for this phenomenon from a scientific point of view.

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  1. The numerous smoke rings in the sky that we have seen for many years at many locations. Are we aware that smoke rings are found when missiles are launched from a launch tube?

    That smoke rings have been seen in places where there are no missile launchers what might we guess? Could a smoke ring in the sky be an indication that our extraterrestrial elders are sending a message to us? Meta transiliatory communication? A “MARKING

    What might the message be? Maybe clueing us into a nuclear missile(s) that was launched from Russia RECENTLY?

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