AMAZING UFO video filmed over Las Vegas, Nevada – December 2019


Check out this amazing footage of a huge craft flying in the sky above LA on 19th December 2019.

Witness report: I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of December 19, 2019. After reading hundreds of distasteful and tacky comments I decided to try one more time to show people that they are wrong about this amazing UFO being a helicopter. When I mapped out where I thought this began and ended it was approximately a 50-mile trip. If you look at the clock on the video you will notice it made that trip in 3 minutes and that was from a dead stop when it began. A helicopter would have to be going a thousand miles an hour to do that. Let’s just say it only went 25 miles in 3 minutes. That would be 500 miles per hour which is basically the speed you would be traveling at on a passenger jet at 32,000 feet. The bottom line is that this thing was large and it was moving fast. There’s No visible structure to this object like on an actual helicopter and at one point towards the end Of the video, it makes a sharp turn without slowing down.

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  1. I’m curious as to whether or not any of this activity had been reported by any of the airlines, or by any of the helicopter pilots that were flying that nite above Vegas

    • You are right, because the footage shows something – out of focus of course – which is blinking in a special rhythm. So it is clear that it is a helicopter in bigger distance meanwhile hovering over the hills.
      What a big story the uploader wants to point out – looking for sensation, which it is not. The long story of video – to make it short – is an ‘blinking object’ flying over the hills.
      Many thanks for this needless video.

  2. I live on W. Sahara Ave in the Summerhill Point apartments. I looked out my windows to view Venus and there that thing was. It glowed and hovered in front of my window. I was so hypnotized I didn’t grab my phone and film it. A lady on MLK/Carey saw it and called local news. I did too. On the news channel they said,”It was Venus.” Don’t think the government lies and controls us? Fake news. That thing shot up south east faster than I can blink. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t talk-listen and learn.

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