Grimsby Witness Puzzles With What Appears to be UFO With Three Lights Hovering in Night Sky


A man has recorded videos of what he thinks an unidentified flying object (UFO) hovering in the sky above his home.

Lee Rowlett, 25, recalls the appearance of three dots in the night sky and what seemed to be a spacecraft hiding behind them.

He noticed the UFO at around 7 pm on Saturday, floating over near his East March home.

He was stunned while trying to figure out the strange object as much as he could.

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He described the object in question as a very advanced piece of technology and strange to watch.

Lee watched it teleport away towards the end after the footage. He thought they would just fade out, but it shot off and then disappeared.

Following this, Lee claims that he saw another red orb but more reddish, which immediately fizzled away.

Lee wonders whether anybody else in Cleethorpes or Grimsby spotted anything mysterious in the sky on Saturday night.

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  1. Why is it that every time someone reports to see a (supposed) UFO, they cannot keep the Camera still. Recording through a window that clearly reflects light from behind is not a good idea. Sorry but I’m not convinced and I’ve seen very strange and very real objects in the sky.

  2. I trying to understand why he only “thinks” it’s a UFO. He’s definitely not identified it, he must suspect it isn’t f!ying, or isn’t an object. Three planets or some kind of light projection might qualify.

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