Sacramento UFO Sighting – YESTERDAY

This UFO sighting video was filmed over Sacramento, California on 30th October 2022.

Witness report: On October 30 of 2022 around 5:30PM PST, I observed an conical shaped object that had moved from the north east direction to the south east direction From my point of view. I’ve taken three videos with my own phone, which is an iPhone 13. myself, my mother and my father had observed the object for roughly 35 to 40 minutes. during that time we had taken some digital videos of the object, the number of videos we took are roughly 5 videos, and all I took three videos in my father, took two. My mother was also a witness. During that 30 minute observation, the object moved in a straight path, but at times would move south, then move in a move again in a northernly direction. We had used my father‘s phone, which was an android phone. He was able to zoom in on the object during one of the videos, and the object looked to be like a con, but at first it looks like it was an elliptical shape, but had later on taken on the shape of a cone, it had one light at the rear of the cone and one light on the bottom of the cone. There was also a commercial airliner that had passed from Southwest to Northeast toward that object. I’m pretty sure they may have seen it too. I have 5 videos in all if MUFON needs them, I’ve uploaded some small clips here as the original files are high definition and probably to large to upload using the site’s attachment methods?

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